I have designed and taught graduate and undergraduate core anthropology courses and thematic courses related to issues of human rights, peace, and justice. I mentor undergraduate students completing Peace and Justice studies capstone papers. With Provost’s Undergraduate Research Initiative awards, I have also provided research opportunities for undergraduate students as part of ongoing research projects. As a teacher, I strive to equip my students with skills to consider the human condition in its multiple dimensions and imagine new possibilities for achieving social justice. My courses engage scholarly debates and awareness of their real-world applications and consequences. I also direct Peace and Justice Studies, for more information about, see here.

Recent Courses


ANP 811 Knowledge, Memory, Archives

ANP 812 Violence and the State: Anthropological Approaches


ANP 236 The Anthropology of Peace and Justice Studies

ANP 436 Globalization and Justice: Issues in Political and Legal Anthropology

ANP 439 Human Rights: Anthropological Perspectives

 Past Courses


ANP 855 The Roots of Contemporary Anthropological Theory



ANP 201Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANP 413 Indonesian Culture and Politics: Islam and Beyond

ANP 429 Ethnographic Field Methods

ANP 489 Anthropology Capstone Course